Notarial Tasks

NOTARIAL TASKS ARRANGEMENTS (By China-appointed qualified Hong Kong Lawyers)

In accordance with related laws and administrative provisions, in the following main circumstances, a China-appointed Attesting Officer (who is a qualified Hong Kong Lawyer) will be required:

  1. To establish a company, a subsidiary, or a representative institution;
  2. To use resolution of board of directors in Mainland China;
  3. If a Hong Kong company or individual authorizes other peoples or a law firm in Mainland to handle a specific business;
  4. To marry a mainland resident;
  5. To apply for mainland relatives to settle down or take over property in Hong Kong;
  6. To adopt a child in Mainland China;
  7. To set up small industrial or commercial businesses in Mainland China, to confirm qualification of “Hong Kong service provider”, or to deal with others under the CEPA, notarization by a China-appointed Attesting Officer will be required;
  8. If the succession includes the property in Mainland China, China notarization is required;
  9. To enter himself/herself for National Judicial Examination or other qualification examinations in Mainland China;
  10. If donation in Hong Kong is relevant to Mainland China, China notarization is required;
  11. To submit evidences in Hong Kong for litigation in Mainland China;
    According to the provisions of China administrative departments, other facts or documents shall be notarized. etc.