Taxation Services

Taxation services:

All companies established in Hong Kong need to preserve business records, and production of annual accounts and financial statements. Hong Kong company needs to preserve the original bills and accounting records for seven years to prepare for inspection by Inland Revenue Department at any time.

Our accounting & taxation work match the requirements of Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, providing customers with professional tax calculation, consulting and tax planning services. You have to care of prevent intermediaries, non-professional or false professional accounting firms to do accounting and tax problems, because this wrong, careless, unexperienced and unprofessional accounting/tax reporting would cause the Company to suffer tax and economic loss. Only real professionals (especially Hong Kong’s certified professional accounting firms) can deal with accounting and tax problems completely and guarantee your rights and interests.

Note: For newly established Hong Kong companies, such as in the first financial year (even following financial year(s) later), in case there is no business for the period, you can report “zero business” tax return filing, without paying any tax.

In addition to the profits tax, we provide additional comprehensive professional tax services:

  • Filing “Employer’s Returns”
  • Filing “Personal Individual Tax Returns”
  • Filing “Property Tax Returns”
  • Tax planning, consultants and recommendations
  • Claim offshore income
  • Objection to the tax assessment and request hold over of tax
  • Deal with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department tax investigation, etc.