Trustee and Nominee

In Hong Kong (and some overseas countries), the legal requests the company submitted to Government Department the Directors and shareholders information, and disclosing such information for the public inspection. Certain investors or operators in order to achieve the purpose of hidden or indirect identity, so the appointment of others (friends or relatives or professional bodies) as shareholders and directors, so that only those who have been appointed will appear in the company’s statutory documents and open for public inspection. Such appointed persons called by the agent of shareholders (or trustee) and the agent of directors (or nominee director).

On the agent of shareholders, in order to protect the interests of the beneficiary, in the formal appointment, the two sides will sign a trust agreement and pre-signed share transfer documents.

Nominee director will sign an nominee agreement that the agent would only act on the instructions of the principal. Of course, in order to protect the interests of nominee director, the principal needs to sign an undertaking that he/she will not cause damage to the nominee director.